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Registration Form 2024

Welcome to the 2023 Registration section.  Please take time to fill in all areas.  If you are a returning family, please log into the website before beginning registration. This will automatically fill in your past information for you to verify and edit as needed.   We will be sending you a confirmation email once you have completed registration and payment online. Please make sure to give an accurate email address and cell phone.  Please make sure you register both parents and their respective emails.  Without registering them, they will not be able to volunteer. You may also register additional adults such as grandparents or step parents if needed.

***This is Swim Team Registration ONLY!!***  Pool membership is still needed before 1st practice.  

Pool membership is handled by the Village of Lake Park.  Not the swim team. 

Parent/Guardian Information
  • At least one parent/guardian registration is required. New accounts will be sent an email confirmation message with instructions to set up a password.
  • At least one parent/guardian email address must be provided. Check the boxes to indicate which parent/guardians should receive team-wide emails.
  • At least one parent/guardian is required to volunteer.
  • Previously registered parents/guardians cannot be edited during registration. Please contact your team's admin to request edits.
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Athlete Information
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Swimming Experience

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New Swimmer(s)

If your have a new swimmer(s) to our team, please list their first name(s) here.


I give permission for the participating swimmer(s) that I am registering to be photographed and posted on the team web site.

I also release permission to use photographed pictures in promotional material such as slideshow presentations, brochures, and for his/her team picture to be displayed in public places that promote the Lake Park Swim Team.

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I hereby release the Lake Park Swim Team, specifically the Lake Park Swim Team Booster Club Inc., including (but not limited to) it’s employees, coaching staff, board members and instructors, from any and all claims from injury or damage that may be sustained by me or my participating swimmer(s) from the use of the premises or equipment while participating in swim team activities.

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Concussion Awareness

Injuries during swimming are far and few, however, we do want to prepare our parents and educate them whenever possible for the safety of our swimmers.  This being said, all swim teams are being encouraged to help parents become more aware of concussions.  Injuries to the head can easily be ignored and not detected unless you know what to look for.  Please read the brochure on concussion awareness and sign below.  (printing and signing brochure is not necessary).   This form is available for print on the "docs & forms" section of our web site.

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Pool Membership

Pool Membership is required in order to swim on the swim team.  However, pool membership is handled by the Village of Lake Park.  At this time, you are only joining the swim team.

No money can be collected for pool membership on the swim team site.

Pool membership information can be downloaded under the "Docs and Forms" menu from our web site.

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2024 Pool Waiver

Please read and agree to the following pool waiver as required by the Village of Lake Park.

By electronically signing the following, you will be accepting the terms thereby stated in the waiver below.

This acceptance will be kept on file with the Village to fulfill their records retention policy.

Accepting the terms will use your address, parent info and swimmers names to associate the blank spaces within this form.

Dates will be used in association with this registration for the 2024 swim team membership.

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Volunteering is a requirement for parents/ guardians of swimmers.

Please read the section under "Parents Info" tab on the home page... "Do I Have to Volunteer??" to fully understand our volunteer requirements. 

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