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Do I Have to Volunteer?

Volunteering is essential to the success of our team. Without you, the volunteer, we just can't get it done. So to answer the question... YES!!!  You have to volunteer.  Our team coordinator works hard to pull all the resources together necessary to pull off a successful swim meet. If you look at the total number of volunteers needed to run a home meet, it requires 25-30 folks to make a meet run smoothly. Away meets are a little less (as we don't have quite the responsibility level as that of a home meet).  

What's the big deal, if I don't show up??

So if you ditch your commitment, someone has to cover for you. If that person has already fulfilled there volunteer responsibility, then they are doing twice the work, and you aren't doing anything. It really is not fair. That being said... please do not miss your volunteer commitments. If by chance you do find yourself unable to make the meet, please... please... please... contact the team rep as soon as you know. This gives us time to find a replacement for you.  

Volunteer Requirements

Since we do require all families to participate in volunteering, we have a system in place to assure that volunteer positions are equally spread throughout the entire team. If everyone does their part, then we have more than enough volunteers to cover the meets. This system is based on the # of swimmers you have involved in the program

1 Swimmer        4 Points Required

2 Swimmers      7 Points Required

3+ Swimmers    9 Points Required

If volunteer commitments have not been fulfilled by the last regular season meet, the swimmer of those parents/ guardians will not be allowed to participate in the All Star Meet during that season. Please note that an average of 65% of the team goes to the All Star Meet. It is very hard to tell a swimmer who has worked hard and deserves to go, that he can't because volunteer commitments were not fulfilled.

Parents that have not selected their volunteer spots by May 31 of the current swim year, will automatically be plugged in and emailed your required volunteer positions.  If you cannot make the dates assigned, it is your responsibility to find a replacement and notify the team rep no later than 24 hours prior to that meet.

First Year Volunteer, HELP!! I am scared!!

OK, there is no reason to be scared to volunteer. First, you are never alone. There is always someone who can help if needed. Second, if you read over the Volunteer Descriptions, you will see what each job is and get a better understanding of those jobs. The best part about volunteering is that you get to meet other volunteers. It is a great time to make new friends. As we all work together, we all share in the success of our team and the success of your summer swimming experience. We as a team, thank you in advance for your participation. 

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